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Introducing the much-anticipated debut of Unheard Notes the Glenn Gould Interviews. This first of its kind website presents new and unseen interview footage on Glenn Gould, the legendary classical pianist. Each month a new original 30 minute filmed interview will be released, and past interviews will be archived on the website. The website will also feature new audio visual material, a blog and will provide a forum for all things Gould. All content will be web exclusive; only available on this site.

So come in, take off your gloves, hat and coat and enjoy the Unheard Notes!

{Images courtesy of The Glenn Gould Estate and Jock Carroll}

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318 Productions has filmed over 75 participants, focusing on different aspects of Gould. We explore his influence around the globe in an innovative way of keeping Glenn’s legacy alive.

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northern reflections

As a bonus, when you sign up, you will receive access to a 20 minute rare documentary chronicling the importance of the family cottage on Lake Simcoe in Central Ontario.


here’s what others are saying about Unheard Notes

“I am very supportive that ‘Unheard Notes,’ will contribute to the continual propagation of Glenn Gould’s music and thinking. For these are in no way a passing fad, a phenomenon of fashion or a reflection of the spirit of the time. Their significance is transcendent, their destination universal.”

~ Bruno Monsaingeon

Bruno Monsaingeon is a french filmaker, writer, and violinist. With his oeuvre so far comprising 85 films, he is one of the foremost directors of music documentaries in the world today. His films on Glenn Gould, Yehudi Menuhin, Sviatoslav Richter, Nadia Boulanger, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, David Oistrach and many others, are award winning and critically acclaimed. Mr Monsaingeon worked closely with Glenn Gould from the 1970’s up until Gould’s death in 1982. He directed the following programs on Gould: Glenn Gould, the Alchemist (1974), Glenn Gould Plays Bach (1981), Glenn Gould Hereafter (2005). He has also written the following books On Gould: “Le dernier puritan” (1983), “Contrepoint a la ligne” (1985), “Non, je suis pas du tout un excentrique” (1986), “Glenn Gould: Chronicle of a crisis” (2002).

“These interviews will provide the viewer with rare insights into the personal and professional life of Glenn Gould.”

~ Lorne Tulk

Lorne Tulk was a sound technician at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation from 1959 to 1996. Mr Tulk began working with Glenn Gould on his first radio documentary “In Search of Petula Clark” (1967), and was an integral part of the creation of “The Idea of North” (l967), and continued working on other radio projects with Glenn. When Gould stopped traveling to New York to record albums for Columbia Records in the early 1970’s, Lorne played an important role in the recording of Glenn’s albums in Toronto. Lorne remained one of Glenn’s closest friends until Gould’s death in 1982.

“Unheard Notes, goes way beyond biographical events and offers insights into Glenn Gould’s talent, heart and mind with these priceless interviews.
Glenn’s essence is lovingly captured through these interviews, and there could not be more valuable guides taking you on this journey than Eric, Josh and Kate Shapero.

~ Anne Kaufmann

Anne Kaufmann is an author, and former teacher librarian. Her Book, “Glenn Gould: Sketches Of Solitude” was pubished by Brownridge Publishing in 2013.

“As a friend and former collaborator of Glenn Gould’s, I am happy to endorse “Unheard Notes”, This will be a valuable contribution to perpetuating the memory of Glenn Gould to his many admirers around the world.”

~ John McGreevy

John McGreevy is a television writer, producer, and director. He collaborated with Glenn Gould on several television projects including: “Glenn Gould’s Toronto” (1976). Mr. McGreevy also wrote a one man play, “An Evening With Glenn Gould” which premiered in Toronto in 2007.