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If you find yourself in downtown Toronto, make sure to check out an important Glenn Gould historical site!

At the junction of Yonge and College Streets on the southwest corner stands College Park which was originally Eaton’s College Street Store which houses the famous Eaton Auditorium concert hall. The Auditorium is tucked away on the 7th floor of the building and one arrives there via the original Art Deco elevator. The 7th floor of the building has been renamed “The Carlu” and has been totally and beautifully restored to it’s original Art Deco splendor. Glenn used Eaton Auditorium to record many of his albums and it was his favourite recording location in Toronto. Located in the lobby of the Carlu in one of the original display cases is a tribute to Glenn’s history with the site. As many of our filmed interviews took place here, we were asked to create a display of Glenn’s relationship with Eaton Auditorium. You can follow this relationship from early in his life up until 1980 when he recorded his last album there. You will also see an inscription from Glenn to Gordon Bacque, the man responsible for allowing Glenn to record in the Auditorium in 1980 when it was pretty well derelict.

This stop in Toronto is a must-see destination on any Gould tour, as when one stands in the Auditorium itself Glenn’s music and his spirit touches your soul.

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    1. Yes, you are absolutely right! Gould loved recording at Eaton Auditorium. I hope you can make it there, it is a special place.

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