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In the last few months, Russia has been a major news story. This brings to mind a neat little story about Glenn Gould in Russia.

When Glenn was asked to perform in Russia in 1957, he went there and ended up influencing many Russian musicians, and performers. His trip there remains one of the most important events in Glenn’s life. While he was there, he sent a postcard back to one of his cottage neighbours in Orillia, Ontario Canada. This postcard was sent to Mrs. Doolittle, his cottage neighbour. He became very close wth Mrs. Doolittle, and her son Clarence while spending summer’s up at the cottage.

In the midst of this big important trip, Glenn didn’t forget to send his regards to his neighbours, and this postcard has remained in the Doolittle family as a cherished possession. Here it is presented for the first time!

I'd love to on this topic.

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  1. Here’s an example of where he signed with two “n”s in Glenn
    as opposed to dropping one when he signed his full name.
    (Only Glenn!!! One of a kind!!!)

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